Anchor Baptist Missions
Steven Fanning (Bolivia)
Duain Whittemore (Field Director)
Salvador Nava (Philippines)
JR Raymundo (Philippines)
Chestor Ammons (Maine)
Timothy Owen (Philippines)
David Youngblood (Alaska)
Brian Coates
Brooks Suttle (Maine)
Gerry Locklear (American Indians)
Robert Murray (Bolivia, South America)
Todd Bell (Maine)
Scott Suttle (Scandinavia)
Macedonia World Baptist Missions
Fred Kindhart (Field Director, Mexico)
Luther Quintana (Arizona)
Jason Holt (Chile S.A.)
Richard Johnson (N.Y. City)
Travis Baker (North Dakota)
John Strang (Mexico)
Rock of Ages Prison Ministries
Bobby Sizemore (Foreign Field Director)
David Roth (South Carolina)
Lazarus Mekhail (Egypt)
Benjamin Gongora Rojas (Bolivia)
Ronnie Henderson (Wind River Reservation, Riverton WY)
Prayer Baptist Missions
Larry Townsend (Amarillo, Tx)
Landmark Baptist Missions
Tom Hill (Navajo Ministries)
Mongolian Missions
Mickey Coffer
NT Baptist Church Missions
John Rohre (USA)
Valley Ind. Baptist Missions
Jeff Shue (Texas/Mexico Border)
Tabernacle Baptist Missions
Mike Overton (South America)
ABWE (Association of Baptists for World Evangelism)
David Winget (Ukraine)
Frontier Baptist Missions
Earl Kilpatrick (Mexico)
Baptist International Outreach
Emanual Onyemkpa (Nigeria)
Indochina Missions
Glenn Colley (Cambodia)
Society for Europe’s Evangelization
Arthur Sommerville (France)
Southwestern Independent Baptist Clearinghouse
 Jim Roberts (India)
Vision Baptist Missions
 Steve Sykes (Church Planter, New Mexico) *;